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Driving lessons Mansfield

Shannon Wood – Matlock


I chose Revolution to take my driving lessons after reading the reviews on their website and Facebook page.
I found learning to drive a challenge, but they really helped me by making sure I had feedback quickly allowing me to improve my techniques and focus on what I needed to improve on during the next session.
I actually had two previous driving instructors before I found out about Revolution. Compared to the other Driving School I found that Revolution was great value for money and their instructor to be more the helpful in helping me achieve my goals.
I would definitely recommend Revolution to friends and family, they were great value for money and John my driving instructor was very patient, helped my correct my driving and eventually helped me pass my driving test.


Freya Kirkby in Ashfield

Freya Bryan – Kirkby in Ashfield


I decided to choose Revolution due to its previous excellent reviews. Ian helped me a lot through out all my driving lessons by not just teaching me the driving test routes but teaching me to drive through a range of different scenarios. Having never done lessons before this I was a bit cautious as I thought driving might be hard but I managed to pick it up rather quickly and passed just after 6 months first time! All my lessons were definitely value for money, I had a range of different length lessons including 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours and definitely got out of them what I needed. I would 100% recommend Revolution especially with Ian to anyone and everyone who is considering doing their driving as I now have the freedom to go wherever and whenever I want to. Thank you so much!!


Lauren Kerry – Sutton in Ashfield


I chose Revolution for my Driving lessons because my Sister and her friends recommended then so I got in touch just before I turned 17. My Driving Instructor Ian helped me the most by making sure that I was always reassured and helped me stay calm. He made sure lessons were fun and enjoyable.
Before I started learning to drive, I wasn’t worried about learning to drive but I was worried about how I would be able to drive properly and confidently.
Cheaper Driving Schools are available, but Revolution’s lessons are 100% great value for money. From the moment you’re picked up for your lesson you’re learning straight away until the end of the lesson, Revolution makes sure the sessions are tailored for you and at your pace, suiting your learning style, the best possible value for money.
I 100% would recommend and have already told my friends and family to go with Revolution due to the Amazing value for money, friendly staff and you really are made to feel comfortable from the moment your first lesson starts to the very end.


Sheneil from Wirksworth
Sheneill Lymer – Wirksworth


“I choose Revolution for my Driving Lessons as it looked like a great Driving School for me to gain the confidence to pass my driving test.
My Driving Instructor John was very kind and considerate and really helpful when I was learning the key skills for my test and beyond.
I actually found Learning to drive a little harder than I thought especially with the observations and improving my awareness but my instructor broke it down so I could understand what was required and so I didn’t feel overwhelmed.
I would certainly would recommend Revolution to learn to drive with. The care, consideration and consistency of lessons and ensuring that I was improving skills each lesson it was second to none.”


Driving lessons in Mansfield
Brandon Dawson – Tibshelf


“I chose Revolution to take my driving lessons after reading the positive reviews and receiving recommendations from friends and family.
My Driving instructor Ian helped me become comfortable behind the wheel, I was a little nervous at the beginning as I thought learning to drive would be really hard but Ian helped me through the process and made it all much easier that I thought it would be.
I 100% felt the lessons were value for money as I learnt something each time.
I’ve already stared recommending people I know to use the driving school for when they are wanting to learn to drive.”


Driving lessons in Matlock
Isabel- Matlock


“I chose Revolution to learn to drive with as I wanted a driving school that could help me start my lessons near my birthday and I wanted an instructor that I could get along with. I found the first few lessons more difficult but John my instructor helped me by going over the things I found difficult until I got them and could deal with tricky situations.
I passed my driving test much sooner that I expected and I found the lesson prices great value.
I would certainly recommend Revolution to friends and family as john was a great instructor.

Isabel- Tansley (nr Matlock)


Driving lessons in Mansfield

Courtney – Mansfield


“I chose Revolution to learn to drive because a friend recommended them to me after she passed at the first attempt with them. I also read the reviews online which I was impressed with.
My driving instructor Ian really helped me. I find hearing through my left ear difficult but Ian was really understanding and made sure I was comfortable and left me feeling confident with my driving.
I found learning to drive easier than I thought I would but I think that had a lot to do with my instructor who constantly reassured me. My biggest personal downfall is not believing in myself but Ian really did make me feel confident when driving.
I felt the lessons were excellent value for money, always learning or practising something that I felt needed to be improved on not just driving around.
I have already recommended Revolution to a friend who has started to learn to drive with them now. I would 100% encourage anyone that wanted a patient and understanding instructor who is aiming to make you a confident driver to use Revolution, I felt comfortable the moment I sat behind the wheel.
Although learning to drive in a Ferrari would have been nicer than the Toyota I had.”

Courtney – Mansfield

Samantha – Tibshelf


“Revolution came highly recommended to me by a lot of close family and friends after I had tried two other instructors who either let me down by not turning up or they made me lose confidence behind the wheel.
Whilst having Ian as my instructor I quickly started to relax, this made learning to drive a lot more comfortable and stress free than I had previously experienced. I had 1 hour lessons with Ian and I always walked away feeling like I made great use out of the time and my money was well spent.
I have already recommended a lot of friends to Revolution who have now gone on to pass and thanked me for the recommendation. If you’re looking for a reliable Driving Instructors that make learning to drive a fun stress free experience I would definitely recommend Revolution to you.”

Samantha – Tibshelf

Driving lessons in Mansfield

Shanni – Tibshelf


“I was recommended by a friend to Revolution, My instructor Ian made me feel comfortable and helped me to relax when driving. This made learning easier as with other instructors’ I didn’t feel comfortable, this made learning to drive much easier than I thought it would be. I had lessons with another driving school before Revolution but felt that they didn’t have the patience or skill to help me learn the best way for me. I Mainly did 1 hour lessons but as I approached my test did 2 hour lessons to make sure I was as confident as i could be. I have already recommended Ian to other people including my brother and I really feel I got the best service possible.”

Shanni – Tibshelf

Driving Lessons in Shirebrook

Marc – Shirebrrok

Review: “I chose Revolution Driving lessons to learn to drive after I was recommended to them by friends and saw their clients passing on Facebook.
My Instructor Rob really made things easy for me keeping it simple, it made learning to drive much easier than I thought it would be and a lot less stressful.
I felt the driving lessons were very good value. I know people that have purchased block bookings before but not done much driving or learning. I usually did 2 hour lessons and having had lessons with another Driving instructor in the past I feel I learnt so much more with Revolution than in the same number of lessons with my previous instructor.
I am already recommending Revolution to people, in fact my wife will soon be learning to drive and hopefully with Revolution, mainly because of the value for money and the low stress method of teaching.”

Marc – Shirebrook

Driving lessons in Mansfield

Leo – Rainworth

Review: “I chose Revolution for my Driving lessons as my brother had previously used them and passed with them.
I originally thought I wouldn’t enjoy driving but as I started to enjoy driving I found it a lot easier.
My Driving Instructor Ian helped me a lot by giving me step by step guides when I needed them on how to perform some of the manoeuvres which I found the most difficult.
I found the lessons to be great value for money and normally had one hour lessons.
I would definitely recommend Revolution to my friends and family as I really think they were great value for money. I wasn’t just taught to pass the test but to actually drive.

Leo, Rainworth


Driving lessons in Mansfield

Charlotte – Bolsover

Review: “I chose Revolution for my driving lessons after I was recommended by a number of friends to do so after they passed with them.
I could drive a little before I took lessons with Revolution but Ian my Driving Instructor helped my concentrate and relax during my lessons whilst remaining professional and informative. He was happy and able to help in any areas that I felt I needed to work on.
I had taken lessons with another driving school before I decided to try Revolution, I felt more at ease with Ian he was able to hold conversation and helped me feel less under pressure and more comfortable.
I normally had 2 hour lessons which I felt although they are slightly more expensive than other schools were compared to my previous experience 100% worth the slight extra.
I would certainly recommend them to my friends and family, easy going, friendly, helpful and happy to spend time on what I needed not just to pass my test.
I can’t think of anything they need to improve on.”

Charlotte, Bolsover

Driving Lessons in Kirkby in Ashfield

Ebony – Kirkby in Ashfield
Review: “I choose Revolution Driving lessons to learn to drive after I read the Reviews on Facebook and Google.
I started as a very nervous driver but my driving instructor Ian really helped me to build my confidence and make me feel really comfortable when driving. When I passed, I felt like I could drive straight away. I didn’t feel like I had lots of things still to learn to fit in as a driver on the roads.
Learning to drive wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be but I imagine it would have been worse had I not had help from my instructor to make sure everything was ok.
The lessons were very good value I generally stuck to one-hour lessons but had 2hr lessons when I could.
I’d definitely recommend Revolution to my friends and family, they are friendly great value and not sure they could have done anything more to help me. I have in fact already told my sister to book her driving lessons with Ian.

Ebony, Kirkby in Ashfield

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

Maisie- Mansfield
Review: “I chose Revolution Driving Lessons after being recommended to them by a friend.

After having had lessons with a previous company I was quite nervous about getting back into the driving seat.
I needed not to have worried as my Driving Instructor Ian was really friendly and made learning easy and the lessons enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend Revolution Driving Lessons as they made sure I was 110% confident in my driving even on unfamiliar roads. I now drive to Nottingham each day for work, I don’t think anything could improve keep up the good work”

Maise, Mansfield

Driving lessons in Mansfield

Kennedy – Mansfield Woodhouse
Review: Ian taught me how to drive in 6 month and I couldn’t be any happier that I have finally passed
Kennedy took her driving lessons with Revolution Driving Instructor Ian.

Driving lessons in Mansfield

Louisa – Mansfield
Review: Passed my test today with Simon. Can’t recommend him enough. Absolutely top bloke. After a bad experience with another instructor,he took me from being someone who hated driving,to enjoying it,and passing my test in just a few weeks. Thank you so much Simon. Couldn’t have done it without you.
Louisa took her driving lessons with Revolution Driving Instructor Simon

Driving lessons in Kirkby in Ashfield

Amy – Kirkby in Ashfield
Review: Passed first time! So happy!!! Thank you [Revolution Driving Instructor] John for everything you have made me feel so confident about driving I cannot wait to get a car and get on the road! Thank you so much!

Driving lessons in Kirkby

Rebecca – Kirkby in Ashfield
Review: Absolutely amazing I passed first time with very few minors!
Ian is such a patient, helpful, friendly driving instructor!
I would highly recommend learning to drive with revolution and Ian!
Thank you so much for all your help and advice!!

Driving lessons in Mansfield

Paige – Mansfield
Testimonial: Passed my test first time with so much confidence thanks to Ian! He always boosted my confidence and made me feel at ease whilst taking my lessons! Ian has always been reliable and taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test! I would recommend him to anybody that asked me! Thankyou Ian!

Driving lessons in Kirkby in Ashfield

Chris – Kirkby in Ashfield
Testimonial: After being a bit sceptical about driving for many years I thought 35 was too late to start and was worried how I would cope with being behind the wheel of a car! How wrong was I! From my first lesson John was calming and professional while informative and made me feel very safe behind the wheel! I can’t recommend both the school and John enough and thankfully I am now in a position to enhance my life due to the patience of this person. Your never too old to learn and if, like me you are worried/sceptical about learning then just give it a try! I can honestly say it’s the best experience! Thanks again John!

Driving lessons in Mansfield Woodhouse

Caleb – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: Would recommend Ian to anyone, he never over reacted if I made a mistake and knew how to push me towards success. Also some I was personally worried about was not being able to have a conversation with my instructor, but being taught by Ian I didn’t have that problem.

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

Sally – Sutton in Ashfield
Testimonial: First time pass with Ian. I suffered with terrible nerves during lessons and I was made fully at ease by him. Would highly recommend. What a ledge!

Driving Lessons in Mansfield Woodhouse

Leah – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: Learning to drive with Revolution was by far the best decision! Ian is an amazing instructor who genuinely cares about you, as well as wanting you to achieve your best and pass first time. I would highly recommend this driving school as it has really accessible way of learning and you always feel comfortable and confident from the beginning to the end. I had an amazing experience at Revolution, passing both theory and practical first time! I would not have been able to do it without the support of the school and I thank everyone, especially Ian, so much! I will actually miss the lessons.

Driving Lessons in Sutton in Ashfield

Charlotte – Sutton in Ashfield
Testimonial: I would definitely recommend learning to drive with revolution! Ian is such a great instructor, he’s so patient, he makes you feel so relaxed and he gave me a massive boost of confidence driving! Couldn’t ask for a better instructor! Thank you!!

Driving Lessons in Shirebrook

Holly – Shirebrook
Testimonial: Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor than Ian. Didn’t waste any time got straight to it, explained everything step by step and always had a laugh with me. Couldn’t have done it without him thankyou so much

Driving Lessons in Sutton in Ashfield

Victoria – Sutton in Ashfield
Testimonial: I passed my test first time this morning with Ian, he’s been so brilliant and supportive towards me the whole time I’ve been learning with him, he’s patient and put up with how nervous I’ve been 24/7 and always managed to calm me down about driving, he deserves a medal for that! I recommend anyone to learn with him as learning to drive has been such a good experience! thank you again Ian!!I passed yesterday after having driving lessons on and off for years. I met Ian through my brother who also passed first time. He is a fantastic instructor doesn’t mess around and doesn’t let you say I can’t do it.

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

Shannah – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: I passed my test first time this morning with Ian, he’s been so brilliant and supportive towards me the whole time I’ve been learning with him, he’s patient and put up with how nervous I’ve been 24/7 and always managed to calm me down about driving, he deserves a medal for that! I recommend anyone to learn with him as learning to drive has been such a good experience! thank you again Ian!!

Driving Lessons in Sutton in Ashfield

Michaela – Sutton in Ashfield
Testimonial: Absolutely wonderful. I always felt at ease during lessons knowing I had a really good and patient instructor to help me learn how to drive. Full of encouragement that I could do it and always making sure I did everything possible to be prepared to take my practical driving test. Highly recommend to anyone who wishes to learn to drive.

Driving Kessons in Kirbky in Ashfield

Adam – Kirkby in Ashfield
Testimonial: Highly recommend! My instructor was Ian and he was a brilliant teacher, boosts drivers confidence and keeps a relaxed learning atmosphere and great conversation! 1st time pass!!!

Driving Lessons in Nottingham

Ellie  – Kimberley, Nottinghams
Testimonial: Best driving instructor, cannot recommend enough! Takes no messing about and has you doing everything in no time. I think I was probably the worst driver ever and I passed my test with just 22 hours with Ian and cannot thank him enough. I would recommend this driving school to everyone. Ian makes you feel at ease at the wheel and even has alright banter too lol. THANKS IAN

Driving lessons in Mansfield

Jake 30/6/15 – Sutton in Ashfield
Testimonial: [Revolution Driving Instructor] Wayne was an excellent driving instructor, very welcoming, and straight to the point. Would definately recommend.

Driving lessons in Edwinstowe

2/3/15 Billy Harrison – Edwinstowe
Testimonial: [Revolution Driving Instructor] Wayne is a fantastic instructor, I passed my test first time with 2 minors, would recommend him to anyone!

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

2/3/15 Luke Stoddart – Mansfield
Testimonial: Great driving school and passed first time thanks to wayne

Driving Lessons in Kirkby in Ashfield

2/3/15 Josh Morris – Kirkby in Ashfield
Testimonial: Would recommend to anyone! 26 lessons, 4 minors, first time pass! If you want to pass fast, first time and for a good price Ian’s the instructor for you :D!!

Driving lessons in Mansfield Woodhouse

1/3/15 Kennedy Stephens – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: Ian has got to easily be the best driving instructor I’ve learned with! He’s always calm and patient with you. I passed on Thursday with only 2 minors. The best thing about learning with Ian is not only gaining your confidence whilst driving but that he can have a laugh with you. Highly recommend him to anyone!

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

15/2/15 Jodie Price – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: Ian is literally the greatest instructor ever. When I had my first lesson, I was actually terrified of driving but now I’ve passed and I’m not scared to drive! If Ian can teach me to drive, he can teach anybody. He’s easy to get on with and there’s no pressure. I’d recommend his driving school to anybody. 🙂

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

13/1/15 Jack Hannont – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: I couldn’t of ask for a better driving instructor. Ian made learning to drive really enjoyable by never failing to make me laugh. The overall feel of the lessons are very relaxed yet structured, making you able to quickly learn from any mistakes without the added pressure of embarrassment. I would defiantly recommend Ian to anyone who want to pass their test quickly and enjoy it whilst they are learning.

Driving lessons in Mansfield

16/12/14 Leyana Akbani – Mansfield
Testimonial: I would recommend Ian and revolution driving school to all learner drivers and have done already! He has helped me to build my confidence on the roads and guided me throughout my driving safely and with ease! He offers great value for money and is very flexible around hours. I trust his opinion on my ability and followed his advise and for that I am very grateful!! Thank you so much Ian!! See you on the roads

Driving Instructor in Mansfield

11/12/14 Chloe Straw – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: Fab driving instructor and great to get along with ! Passed quickly too! Highly recommend 🙂

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

26/11/14 Talor Kearney – Mansfield
Testimonial: 5* Passed my test first time thanks to [my driving lessons with] Wayne, he’s a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone!! Lovely guy and a great teacher!

Driving lessons in Crich - Jack Connor

28/10/14 Jack Connor – Kirkby in Ashfield
Testimonial: John is an excellent instructor. He goes out of his way to explain everything to you in depth and pays attention to every detail of your driving. Would highly recommend him to anyone Wanting to pass their driving test the first time round.

driving lessons in Mansfield

17/10/14 Amber Robertson – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: “Brilliant instructor and restored my confidence after a bad experience. Very enjoyable lessons and he got me passed confidently and quickly! Would defiantly recommend! ”

driving lessons mansfield

Scott Spowage – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: Revolution Instructor Wayne got me there. Very professional and great chap, no time wasted on my lessons enjoyed them all, great banter, friendly guy, also got me to a good standard and confident, I passed 1st time, very highly recommended!

Driving lessons Mansfield

Andy Smith – Mansfield
Testimonial:Revolution Instructor “Wayne is a top and instructor and I believe anyone who uses this driving school has a great chance of passing first time”

Driving Lessons in Mansfield Woodhouse - Laura Smith

Laura Smith – Mansfield Woodhouse
Testimonial: Well what can I say! Amazing driving instructor got me passed and made me do my theory as soon as possible! I’d tell anyone to go to this driving school!

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

Bekka Smith – Mansfield
Testimonial:Ian is a great instructor and the lessons were both good fun and easy to learn from. I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking to learn how to drive. I passed first time, amazing – thanks Ian!!

Driving lessons in Mansfield

Peyton Colley – Mansfield
Testimonial:I would recommend Ian to absolutely anybody! when I first went to him, I’d never been behind the wheel of car and with around 24 hours of lessons, I’d passed my driving test and not only that, but he gave me enough confidence to drive on my own in my own car on the real roads! he doesn’t just help you pass quickly but he also sets you up to be a good driver beyond that! lovely instructor and a great laugh! so glad I chose him to help me pass! my friends were right to recommend him! 

Driving Lessons in Mansfield

Elliot Lee – Mansfield
Testimonial: Firstly Ian is a very welcoming guy and had me at ease within the car in a very short space of time. The confidence of which Ian allowed me to gain in the car influenced greatly on my progress. However, the progress made couldn’t of been done without Ian’s technical feedback and constructive criticism. No matter what the mistake made, Ian keeps his cool and calmly explains what needs to be done to fix the mistake. Overall I would recommend the Revolution school of driving if you are looking for fast progress, relaxed but safe learning environments and the best for your money. Thanks again Ian!

Need a Driving Instructor in Mansfield

Amy Swan – Blidworth
Testimonial: Ian is Awesome :)! After two other cheap driving instructors I found Ian and passed on my second attempt. With only 4 minors! He makes you feel relaxed and doesn’t mess about :)!

Need a Driving Instructor in Mansfield?

Chelsea Webster – Shirebrook
Testimonial:Ian is a really relaxed and easy going driving instructor and puts you at ease 🙂 I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to do their driving lessons 🙂

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Beth Walker

Beth Walker – Mansfield
Testimonial: A little late doing this review but I would recommend Ian to anybody, lovely instructor and a great laugh! so glad I chose him to help me pass

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Clint Walters

Clint Walters – Mansfield
Testimonial: Had 13 hours of lessons and passed first time with Ian. Really good instructor and doesn’t mess around with getting you passed. Thanks again.

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Rebecca Fretwell

Rebecca Fretwell- Warsop
Testimonial:Ian is an extremely good, friendly instructor who doesn’t mess around with helping you to pass in as less hours as possible! He always manages to keep calm even when you make silly mistakes. I was very reluctant to start driving lessons however I could always have a laugh with Ian and he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Olivia Stockdale

Olivia Stockdale- Mansfield Woodhouse

Testimonial : Ian is a great instructor and help me pass with only one minor! Thankyou so much Ian, I’m going to miss our chats on Thursday now! Highly recommend to use Ian for driving lesson!

Driving Lessons in Mansfield Kirkby in Ashfield Kim McCann
Kim McCann- Kirkby in Ashfield

Testimonial : If the page [Facebook] would let me rate I would choose 5 stars all day long. Ian is an absolute star himself. Very patient, knows how to put you at ease, great sense of humour and more importantly a fantastic instructor. I lost my head a few times whilst learning to drive, doing silly things, Ian had a way of making sure I overcome the silly mistakes. Thank you Ian for your patience, and teaching me the one thing I’ve wanted to do for a few years. I can now take my little boy places x

Driving Lessons in Kirkby in Ashfield - Catherine Hoggard
Catherine Hoggard from Kirkby in Ashfield

Testimonial : Ian was my second driving instructor and I must say what a top bloke he is. After being recommended by friends at work I wasn’t disappointed. Being taught to drive by Ian was a relaxed and fun atmosphere and made learning quick and easy as he put me through my test first time and came out with a pass!! I would have no worries in recommending Revolution Driving School to others. YIPPPEEEEE!! 🙂

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Rebecca Fretwell
Rebecca Fretwell- Mansfield, Warsop

Testimonial : Ian is an extremely good, friendly instructor who doesn’t mess around with helping you to pass in as less hours as possible! He always manages to keep calm even when you make silly mistakes. I was very reluctant to start driving lessons however I could always have a laugh with Ian and he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - James Elliot
James Elliott – Clipstone, Mansfield

Testimonial : If your looking for driving lessons in Mansfield  I would 100% recommend Ian, really nice bloke and gets straight to the point and doesn’t waste your time. The value for money is great and I really enjoyed learning with Ian.

Driving Lessons in Sutton in Ashfield - Tom Marsh
Tom Marsh – Sutton in Ashfield

Testimonial : Revolution Driving Lessons Instructor Ian was an outstanding teacher, very friendly and outgoing but also he was also very good at teaching me to drive. I Passed first time with only two minors and I couldn’t fault revolutiondrivinglessons one bit. Great guy and would highly recommend him to everyone I know learning to drive !!!!

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson – Mansfield

Testimonial : Throughout learning to drive with Revolution Driving School I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt things very quickly, and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn to drive. They are also VERY good for the money, and I thank Ian again for getting me through to my test!

Driving lessons Charlotte Cooper
Charlotte Cooper – Tibshelf

Testimonial : I couldn’t recommend my Revolution Driving Lessons driving instructor more. Kim was thorough and believed in me even when I didn’t. He has a lot of time for you and makes his lessons fun and entertaining.

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Neil Wass

Neil Wass- Mansfield

Testimonial : Thanks so much really happy to of passed great very helpful and friendly great team thanks loads and if I can pass anyone can. Good luck and happy driving.

Neil’s Driving Instructor was Ian

Driving Lessons Sutton in Ashfield - Daniel Hendrie
Danny Hendrie – Skegby (Sutton in Ashfield)

Testimonial : Passing my test through revolution school of motoring was possibly the best way I could have passed. Ian was calm, helpful and gives you great ways to break down the parts you struggle with. After being sidelined through hospital for 2 years I was reluctant to drive but, Ian had the patients and time to help me through it. And I passed! Defiantly recommend choosing revolution school of motoring as it was brilliant!

Driving Lessons Kirkby in Ashfield - Jamie Younger
Jamie Younger – Kirkby in Ashfield

Testimonial : The driving lessons were great, all the techniques were always explained well and could be done in multiple ways to help me understand and I was never felt under pressure whilst learning if mistakes were made.

Driving Lessons in Alfreton Will Rouse
Will Rouse – Alfreton

Testimonial : Firstly, I was with another driving school in South Normanton, had around 15 lessons and didnt seem to be getting anywhere, it felt like the instructor was dragging my lessons for more money out of me! So I decided to switch to Revolution Driving Lessons with Kim, and found it amazing, he cut out all of the rubbish and mad
e me a better driver, he made me confident, and pushed me, and told me I could do it, he encouraged me!

Driving Lessons Sutton in Ashfield - Susan Riley
Susan Riley – Sutton in Ashfield

Testimonial : Ian is a very calm and patient person, and always tried to make the lessons as fun as possible. At the time it was hard to plan lessons ahead due to work, but he always tried to do his best to fit me in each week. I had a great time learning to drive with Ian

Driving Lessons in Mansfield - Kayley Hill

Kayley Hill- Mansfield (Warsop)

Testimonial : Over a 6 year period id been with 4 different instructors which were rather dull and boring and lessons became more of a chore which I didnt really want to go on. Then I met Ian, always happy and smiling and has the patience of a saint. He was very calm and never got mad with me when I did silly things and he kept you at ease whilst you were driving. Had a good laugh with him and will be recommending him to every learner I know. Keep up the good work Ian.


Driving Lessons Mansfield Woodhouse - Georgina Warrington
Georgina Warrington- Mansfield Woodhouse

Testimonial : Ian has a lot of patience for those who are ‘slow learning’ or ‘blonde’. He managed to get me to driving test standard with only 2 minor driving faults! My mum was also so glad I got there she gave Ian a bottle of champagne! Also my sister had previously passed via Ian with 1 minor! Down to earth guy too, Thank you Ian.

Driving Lessons Sutton in Ashfield Aleia Stickley
Aleia Stickley- Huthwaite

Testimonial : Firstly, I would just like to say thank you so much Ian. I have been through a few instructors, however you proved to be the best!
You are patient, nice and friendly. I could always have a laugh. I always look forward to your lessons. With other driving instructors I felt unhappy and sometimes pressured. I can confidently say I never felt this way with Ian. We always had a laugh and a chat, sometimes I forgot I was on a lesson. The fact you was able to work around my busy lifestyle and even drop me off at work was great, doubt you would find that many other places.I will always be recommending you in future to all the learners I meet, because you have simply been fantastic. Thank you for coming on my test, never getting angry with me, always seeing the positive and making me a happy, confident driver.THANK YOU!

Driving Lessons Mansfield - Lorna Towndrow
Lorna Towndrow- Mansfield Woodhouse

Testimonial : Great value for money and I successfully passed my driving test FIRST TIME! I learnt something new in every lesson and time wasn’t wasted, I did my first manoeuvre in my second hour of driving and progressed quickly. Would recommend Revolution School of Motoring to anyone wanting to pass their driving test, the quality and service is great.

Driving Lessons Mansfield Woodhouse - Ashley Jennison
Ashley Jennison- Mansfield Woodhouse

Testimonial : Extremely good instructor, passed me quickly, very calm, patient and a great laugh. Highly recommended

Ashley Jennison- Mansfield Woodhouse Testimonial : Extremely good instructor, passed me quickly, very calm, patient and a great laugh. Highly recommended
Liam Goddard – Mansfield

Testimonial : Revolution was a great driving school, and Ian my instructor was awsome and would recommend him to anyone. Really glad I went with this training school as I passed my test first time and was more than happy with the way I was taught in my lessons.

Driving Lessons Kirkby in Ashfield - Holly Smith
Holly Smith – Kirkby in Ashfield

Testimonial : Such a lovely instructor, I always looked forward to our lessons and miss them a bit now. He always had a laugh and a joke with me and never got mad when I did something stupid behind the wheel! I’d recommend him to anyone as he made learning to drive really fun and became a good friend.

Driving Lessons Mansfield - Ellie Flynn
Ellie Flynn – Mansfield
Driving Lessons Mansfield - Greg Downs
Greg Downs – Mansfield

Testimonial : As an older learner and friend of Ian, I was worried about the pressure to do well. This was instantly erased on my first lesson.
Ian remained professional but with a friendly and approachable character throughout. I did not feel that any question I had would be laughed at and felt each lesson was tailored to me rather than a fixed lesson. This made the overall experience enjoyable and consequently made learning more efficient rather than a chore to achieve.
I would recommend Ian (Revolution) to anyone. Be that a young first time driver or someone lacking a bit of confidence.

Mansfield Sherrine Jermy
Sherrine Jermy – Mansfield

Testimonial : I started having lessons with Ian on recommendation from a friend. Having not had a lesson in over 5 years I was pretty nervous but desperate to pass the test ASAP. I needn’t have been nervous Ian has a kind, friendly and funny approach and put me at ease. The lessons were tailored to my abilities and even when I didn’t do things right I never once felt judged. I passed my test first time in October after having started lessons with Ian in June/July. I highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you Ian xx.

Driving Lessons Mansfield Woodhouse - Alex Millot

Alex Millott – Mansfield Woodhouse

Testimonial : Always looked forward to my driving lessons, Ian was always calm, patient and he’s a great laugh too. Great instructor got me passed quickly.

Highly recommend Ian to anybody who is wanting to learn to drive.

Driving Lessons Mansfield - Sonia Nowicki

Sonia Nowicki – Mansfield

Testimonial : I really enjoyed learning to drive with RSM and was put at ease straight away. Ian was very informative and supportive throughout my lessons. Highly recommended to other learners. Thankyou 🙂 .