Recent Passes

Below are some of our recent driving test passes


Matt from Sutton in Ashfield Passed 23/5/18 with only a handful of driver faults. Matt took his Driving lessons with Revolution Driving Instructor Michelle and is looking forward to getting his own car soon so he can drive to work.

Matt – 23rd May 2018


Samadul (Sam) Haque from Kirkby in Ashfield who passed his Driving Test today (22/5/18) with 4 driver faults. Sam took driving lessons with Revolution Instructor Simon and overcame his nerves to pass his driving test after having a terrible experience with another driving school.

Sam – 22nd May 2018


We are pleased to announce that Kealie from Rainworth Passed her driving test at the first attempt on the 17th May 2018 with only 4 driver faults. Kealie put in a composed drive and really benefited from putting in the extra practice leading up to the test. She can now be her own taxi service and not rely on other people for lifts.

Kealie – 17th May 2018


Kirsty from Ollerton passed her test first time with only 3 driver faults. Having missed a test through illness Kirsty has worked hard to become a great driver and had a great test despite being very nervous leading up to it. Congratulations from your instructor Rob and all the team at Revolution.

Kirsty – 16th May 2018


Sam passed her test today and is looking forward to taking her little boy out places and generally having incredible road trips. Congratulations and have fun!

Sam – 15th May 2018


Well done Xavier who passed first time with only 2 driver faults. You can now enjoy warmer trips to work in the winter, rather than riding your motorbike.

Xavier – 10th May 2018


Scott passed his driving test at the first attempt with Revolution Driving Lessons, Scott had lessons with another instructor but after feeling he wasn’t getting where he wanted he decided to give us a call. We helped put some structure to his lessons to ensure progress was made and tracked to enable Scott to understand where improvements needed to be made. All this hard work on Scott’s part paid off by smashing his driving test with only 2 driver faults.
Scott now has more job opportunities and can help ferry his family around rather than relying on public transport.

Scott – Sutton in Ashfield – April 2018


Owen took lessons with Ian and passed at the first attempt at Ashfield Test Centre. Owen is looking forward to driving himself to football and swimming in his Fiesta which he has been practising in with his Dad.

Owen – Mansfield – April 2018


Kodie passed at the first attempt. Kodie can now stop getting the bus to work and finally has the freedom of a car to make everyday life a little easier.

Kodie – Sutton in Ashfield – April 2018


Lauren took lessons with Ian and passed at the first attempt at Ashfield Test Centre. Lauren is looking forward to going car shopping and being able to drive to work and college.

Lauren – Mansfield – 19th April 2018


Well done Shiree, you can now drive to work and be a Mum taxi.

Shiree – Rainworth – 9th April 2018

Sonia - Crich

Well done to Sonia who passed her driving test at the first attempt after taking driving lessons with Revolution Driving instructor John.

Sonia produced a lovely drive on the day and now looks forwards to many trips in the summer.

So congratulations, Good luck and stay safe out there from everyone at Revolution

Sonia – Crich – 11th March 2018


Well done to Hayley who passed her test at the first attempt.

Hayley – Swanwick – 10th March 2018


After graduating from Revolutions under 17 Program Emily embarked on her driving lessons in Mansfield and the surrounding areas and before we can blink shes only gone and passed.

Not only did Emily pass first time BUT with ZERO driver faults marked by the examiner. Well done!

Hope you are looking forward to the work commute now Emily. All the best from MIchelle and the whole team at Revolution.

Don’t delay get in touch today to secure your driving future.

Emily – Mansfield – 11th March 2018


Olivia passed first time after taking lessons with Ian. Olivia and her sister both passed with Revolution and she is now planning on getting on the road as soon as she has a car.

Olivia – Mansfield Woodhouse – February 2018


Marley passed at the first attempt and now looks forward to driving to work and not relying on public transport. Marley took his driving lessons with Ian.

Marley – Mansfield – February 2018


Well done Hannah.

Hannah – Sutton in Ashfield – 7th February 2018


Congratulations to Louisa who passed with 4 driving faults on her 2nd attempt.

Louisa – Mansfield – 9th January 2018


Everyone I’d like to introduce you to Charlotte from Mansfield who passed her driving test this week with only two driver faults. Charlotte is the youngest and latest member of her family to pass after taking driving lessons with Revolution.

Charlotte took driving lessons with Revolution Driving instructor Ian and kept her cool to produce a stunning drive to get hold of the priceless pink licence.

Charlotte is looking forward to being able to travel to see her boyfriend and generally just go to Nandos.

Well done and good luck in the future.

Charlotte – Mansfield – 7th January 2018


Ross passed 1st time with only 4 driving faults.

Ross – Sutton in Ashfield – 3rd January 2018


Congratulations Christine, your journeys to college will be so much easier now.

Christine – South Normanton – 15th December 2017


Well done Lauren, only 4 driving faults!

Lauren – South Normanton – 14th December 2017


Ashley passed on today on his 1st attempt with only 1 driving fault. Well done and good luck with all the travelling with work.

Ashley – Mansfield – 14th December 2017